Autism Screening and Testing


Doctors often say, early detection saves lives!

This statement is true when it was first coined and it still is today. ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and other non-curable conditions that affect the lives and proper functioning of children and young adults can be properly managed if they are identified on time.

At 2ndArc psychiatric, we offer an Autism screening and testing evaluation that seeks to identify in a child between the ages of 16 – 30 months the risk factor for developing Autism and in young children and adults, a clear case of Autism, ASD or other developmental disorders.

Although there are no medications that can cure Autism or treat their core symptoms, early detection can help caregivers and parents develop ways to help children dealing with Autism function better.


In our approach to testing, we take cognizance of the fact that there is usually a high false-positive right which implies that not all children who are said to be at risk go on to develop Autism. We take further care to achieving the right diagnosis by undertaking follow-up evaluations to determine that only the correct evaluation is achieved.

Early screening and testing is key for children suspected to suffer from developmental disorders and we have one of the best facility and team to achieving the right result every time. Evaluation is usually conducted in 2 visits (depending on the severity of symptoms) and it is focused on diagnosis, programming and intervention


At 2ndArc psychiatric we provide comprehensive Autism screening and testing evaluations. Our focus is on identifying the risk factor and helping the patient and caregivers identify proper treatment and care procedures to manage the condition. Results of the evaluation are usually available and shared with caregivers at the end of the evaluation procedure.

You don’t have to do this on your own, we are here for you! We offer support services and we can help provide access to support groups.