Psychopharmacology involves the psychiatric evaluation of children and young adults with a view to determining the right medication to deal with their behavioural and mental health challenges.

At 2ndArc psychiatric we offer psychiatric medication evaluation and short-term treatment for patients suffering from mental health issues. In order to provide the most comprehensive behavioural health care plan for you or your loved ones, our therapists and psychopharmacology clinicians work together, utilizing a team approach that has overtime proven effective.

If you have concerns for your health or those of your loved ones, you can set up an appointment and our psychotherapist will be happy to meet and speak with you.

An initial psychopharmacology evaluation at 2ndArc psychiatric is usually scheduled for forty-five minutes. This offers us the opportunity to hear about your current issues and symptoms, and to assess if medication is appropriate. It is also an ideal time for you to ask questions about psychiatric medication, learn about medication options, possible side effects, risks and benefits, as well as non-pharmacological options.

At the end of the initial appointment, your doctor will discuss their diagnostic impression and would most likely require more information or seek your permission to request for your medical information and history for medical clarity.

Medication may or may not be recommended on the initial visit. If medication is recommended, your doctor will provide ongoing care to monitor your progress on the medication as well as monitor for any side effects. Follow up appointments are generally scheduledand your doctor is available to you between appointments for clinical guidance and support.

Should you choose to begin taking medication after your evaluation; you will be expected to attend follow-up appointments with your prescriber, scheduled according to your treatment needs.

At 2ndArc psychiatric, we provide comprehensive psychopharmacological screening and testing evaluations. We are fully equipped to offer the best services for or your loved ones today. Why not make an appointment to discuss your concerns now.